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Toy and Game Portfolio

A selection of family games licensed by Cactus

Scattergories™ Scattergories

HasbroMB Games Hasbro / MB Games

For 2-6 players, 12 years and upwards.
Name an animal, a toy, a term of endearment and a dance, and make sure all your answers begin with the same letter. If it's an S you might think of Snake, Scooter, Sweetie and Samba, but you must be unique, if your word is the same as an opponents you score nothing.

Dyrenes Hotel Dyrenes Hotel

Dan-SpilK.E. MathiasenDan-Spil / K.E. Mathiasen

For 2 to 6 players, 5 years and upwards.
Family Game of the Year Winner, Denmark 2003.
Each player takes on the role of the owner of a hotel for animals. The first hotelier to match twelve animals to their correct rooms, and fill their hotel, wins the game.


Super Scattergories™ Super Scattergories

Hasbro InteractiveHasbro Interactive

One player or more, children to adults.
Test yourself or challenge your friends and family with four new brain teasing games plus the original Scattergories.



Rainbow Timber Rainbow Timber

T.C. TimberT.C. Timber / Habermass

For 2 players or more, 6 years and upwards.
A colourful game of rolling, sliding, and stacking, using fifty four handcrafted wooden blocks in six different colours.



Power Lunch Power Lunch

Mayfair Games Inc.Mayfair Games Inc.

For 3 to 6 players, 14 years and upwards.
The players are dealt cards featuring familiar personalities and explain how their celebrities would meet over lunch to make deals, talk shop and gossip. Score the most points by seating the celebrities at the tables on the board and avoiding scandal.



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